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in 3 years when your device has broken, you can still read your book on other hardware) 5A large number of print copies are available in our library, but they go quickly at the start of the semesterHappy Day Against DRM! Submitted by alycia on Wed, 05/04/2011 - 09:05 We're wearing our "Librarians Against DRM" buttons today in solidarity with Defective By Design's annual Day Against DRM Add new comment Ability to retain, archive and transfer purchased materials 2You may have used an outdated link or may have typed the address (URL) incorrectlyThey would seek a friend who bought the text, go to another library for a copy, or go to class without having done the reading (because often for the students at my college, buying the book is not an option)You can support Nina's work and view her amazing and Creative Commons licensed film, Sita Sings the Blues, over at her websiteWelcome to Ministry of Tourism Screen readers accessSkip to main content / Navigation Current Size: 100% English ACRL 2011 Presentation Submitted by alycia on Mon, 04/04/2011 - 16:32 We're just back from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2011 conference and thought we'd share our slides from the talkWhat I found was that not only did I have to install two different kinds of software packages on my machine (because only the version marketed to students actually works, and only when using the big proprietary operating systems), but that FINALLY when the ebook opened, it was not only NOT the translation that our students need, but it was a Google Books copy of this text


You can support Nina's work and view her amazing and Creative Commons licensed film, Sita Sings the Blues, over at her websiteNotes Only: our notes from the talk--without the images--can be downloaded as a ODT attachmentIt was not only not displaying the work in English (the language that this translation is written in) but it was, as a colleague who also tried it at home described "English transliterated from Roman letters into the closest Greek letters, with the occasional British pound sign thrown in too." Here's an idea of what this book looked like when you opened it: It involved creating accounts for this vendor, loggin in to those, moving to specified machines that had Adobe Digital Editions installed, creating an account and logging into that programLa informacin del lector debe ser privada (sus datos no sern almacenados, vendidos o comercializados) Como vemos, cuando usamos el material impreso tradicional ya tenemos estos derechos garantizados, as que es lgico esperar que no nos sean negados por el solo hecho de cambiar la manera en que leemosThere may be a historical record of major changes to this workSkip to content Skip to search National Library of Australia Home About Site news Statistics Tags Help Forum Contact us It's free and it only takes a minute Sign upLogin They wrote back and said basically that they would use whatever they could find on the web (not the right translation that the rest of their class would be using)And finally, there is a webcast recording from the our talk in Philadelphia (which includes the Q&A) up at the ACRL site: Add new comment Read more 3 attachments Overall, we are hoping that the webinar will foster further conversation among librarians about ebooks and that it will be an opportunity to discuss the implications that digital books present for our collections and for readers (as people, not devices)


Metro Webinar Sharing/Slides Submitted by alycia on Wed, 08/03/2011 - 11:00 We presented an updated version of our talk, "The Rights of Readers and the Threat of the Kindle," on July 27th for the Metropolitan New York Library Council as a WebinarSkip to content Skip to search National Library of Australia Home About Site news Statistics Tags Help Forum Contact us It's free and it only takes a minute Sign upLogin : This version is perhaps the one we are the most satisfied with so farNational Library of Australia API Disclaimer Privacy Terms of Use Copyright Version: 7.3.1This falls very close to May Day, but are there any folks in NYC who are interested to organize something? Add new comment As readers of traditional print materials, we are already guaranteed all of these rights--and we should not be denied them due to the medium in which we are readingUpcoming RBRfDB Webinar Submitted by alycia on Wed, 07/13/2011 - 17:11 We've re-scheduled our Metro Webinar: on July 27, we will be presenting a webinar version of "The Rights of Readers and the Threat of the Kindle," through the Metropolitan New York Library CouncilThe graphics were created for us by cartoonist and artist-in-residence Nina PaleyUpdate: SVG Files are now attached (below)! 1 comment Read more 4 attachments


Although this is not really a solution in the long term, when a desperate student asked me this weekend about finding an electronic copy of the book for class in less than two days, I sent them a an email with a few links and explained how I thought that the process would work (install the devilish proprietary software on your machine, download the text, and their problems would be solved, right?)In a few moments you will be redirected back to the Index pageIs it really fair for libraries to list these partially accessible, restricted and disappearing texts in our catalogs as if they were an acceptable replacement for print, when they clearly are not? Despite the efforts of vendors and publishers to create new functionality for ebooks that allows downloading and printing, any system that relies on DRM will only result in situations like these, in which patrons are frustrated and are restricted from using the books that a library has paid forNow we are aware that some vendors will sell the sad, incomprehensible "single viewer" version of an ebook to libraries, BUT in this case, we hadn't logged in to any accounts nor had the two realized they were "checking out" this title upon clickingIt also involved a lot of refreshing and trying again to open the ebookBut since I was curious about whether this was too good to be true, I tried it myself at home last nightYou can view the slides below, or via the PDF attached to this postComments if any, may be sent to niche-tour[at]gov[dot]in before 10th October 2017 (4.63 MB) View All Follow Us


They tried to download it for the student only to have it peter out amidst downloading (perhaps again our poor internet connection) and not work at all, only after having "officially" checked it out and made it unavailable to anyone else for 24 hoursThe images can also be downloaded as a PDF as well (attached to this post)Reader information will remain private (what, when and how we read will not be stored, sold or marketed) We invite conversation and discussion of this documentThe problem was that when this student came and asked for guidance in opening this ebook at the reference desk, we went into the catalog with him, and opened up the electronic copy of the bookAvailable online Australian content In my libraries Advanced search Search tips Search We have recently redesigned our website to make it easier and faster for you to find the information you need 1 comment Read more d53ff467a2

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